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This workshop is being organized in celebration of Bhargav Bhatt’s Nemmers Prize.


Emelie Arvidsson (Utah)

Daniel Bragg (Utah)

Hélène Esnault (FU Berlin)

Sarah Frei (Dartmouth)

Daniel Halpern-Leistner* (Cornell)

David Hansen* (Singapore)

Luc Illusie (Orsay)

Kiran Kedlaya (San Diego)

Jacob Lurie (IAS)

Akhil Mathew (Chicago)

Shubhodip Mondal (MPIM)

Wiesia Nizioł (Jussieu)

Arthur Ogus (Berkeley)

Martin Olsson (Berkeley)

Alex Petrov (Clay/MPIM)

Karl Schwede (Utah)

Jakub Witaszek (Princeton)

* = to be confirmed


Benjamin Antieau, Bao Le Hung, and Yuchen Liu.


Please register here. For possible funding, registration must be received by 17 February 2023. If requesting funding, please read below. For space reasons, registration is required and registration will close once the capacity of the room is met.

Warning: there might be a spam email going out to some people about conference hotel booking. We will announce details from our @northwestern.edu addresses when the time comes.


Some support is available for reimbursing participants’ lodging and travel expenses. This support is primarily for students and postdocs. Decisions will be made by 28 February 2023.


All participants are asked to book their own hotel, whether or not they will be reimbursed. Evanston has several hotels within walking distance of Northwestern, including Hyatt House Evanston, Hilton Garden Inn Evanston, and Hilton Orrington. The nicest is probably Hyatt House.


Northwestern is accessible via Amtrak through Chicago Union Station and via plane through Chicago O’Hare or Midway airports. One can take a cab from any of these stations or take public transportation on the Red or Purple ‘L’ Lines or on the UP-N Line of the Metra.


Talks will take place in the Great Room at 600 Haven Street.


The organizers thank the Nemmers Prize Fund and the Northwestern Department of Mathematics for funding. The image above is due to Bill Smith and used under CC BY 2.0.