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I have posted two Oberwolfach Reports ([1] and [2]) from this year, one on the even filtration of Hahn–Raksit–Wilson [3] and one on forthcoming work of my own on filtered derived commutative rings. The first report serves as my arXiv review of Hahn–Raksit–Wilson, although I wrote it before it appeared on the arXiv and I do not discuss their application of the even filtration to $\TC$ of the Adams summand of $\ku$. Basically, the even filtration is a big deal.


[1] Antieau, The even filtration after Hahn, Raksit, and Wilson, Oberwolfach Report 24/2022.

[2] Antieau, What is de Rham cohomology?, Oberwolfach Report 35/2022.

[3] Hahn, Raksit, and Wilson, A motivic filtration on the topological cyclic homology of commutative ring spectra, arXiv:2206.11208.