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Confirmed speakers

Agnes Beaudry (Colorado)

Mark Behrens (Notre Dame)

John Greenlees (Warwick)

Hans–Werner Henn (Strasbourg)

Kathryn Hess (EPFL)

Mike Hill (UCLA)

Mike Hopkins (Harvard)

Marc Hoyois (Regensburg)

Dan Isaksen (Wayne State)

Rick Jardine (Western Ontario)

Tyler Lawson (Minnesota)

Akhil Mathew (Chicago)

Doug Ravenel (Rochester)

Charles Rezk (Illinois)

Stefan Schwede (Bonn)

Nat Stapleton (Kentucky)

Vesna Stojanoska (Illinois)

Zhouli Xu (San Diego)


Benjamin Antieau and John Francis.


Please register here. For funding, registration must be received by 31 January 2023. If requesting funding, please read below. For space reasons, registration is required.

Warning: there is spam email going out to some people about conference hotel booking. We will announce details from our @northwestern.edu addresses when the time comes.


Limited support is available for reimbursing participants’ lodging and travel expenses. This support is primarily from students and postdocs based in the United States. Decisions will be made by 10 February 2023.


All speakers and participants are asked to book their own hotel, whether or not they will be reimbursed. Evanston has several hotels within walking distance of Northwestern, including Hyatt House Evanston, Hilton Garden Inn Evanston, and Hilton Orrington. The nicest is probably Hyatt House.


Northwestern is accessible via Amtrak through Chicago Union Station and via plane through Chicago O’Hare or Midway airports. One can take a cab from any of these stations or take public transportation on the Red or Purple ‘L’ Lines or on the UP-N Line of the Metra.


The organizers thank the Northwestern Department of Mathematics for funding. The drawing above is due to Fomenko and is reproduced from Mathematical Impressions, by Fomenko.